Switches / Sockets

Enhance safety and functionality. Discover essential electrical accessories designed to ensure secure power and reliability in your electrical systems. Browse our wide selection of high-quality switches and sockets, from isolating switches to USB sockets

Urban 2-Gang 10A 1- or 2-Way Toggle Switch Decorative Brushed Copper Copper Toggles
Article code XYT2.BC
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Classic 13A Switched Fused Spur with Metal Inserts Decorative Pewter Chrome Inserts
Article code XR6D
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Ultraflat 1-Gang 5A Round Pin Socket Black Brushed Steel Black Insert
Article code XFSRP5AB
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Screwless 1-Gang 13A Double Pole Switched Socket with Metal Rockers Black Pewter Chrome/Black Inserts
Article code XDR4BS
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Classic 3-Gang Matrix Kit For Rotary Dimmers (Twin Plate) Matrix Chalk White Matrix
Article code WWD3
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6mm "D" Dimmer Knob Matrix White White
Article code WKWH
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Classic 3-Gang 6A 1-Way Push-to-Make Momentary Switch (Twin Plate) Decorative Mirror Chrome Chrome Buttons
Article code XCM3
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Urban 1-Gang 10A 1- or 2-Way Toggle Switch Chrome Chalk White Chrome
Article code XYT1.CW
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1-Gang 2-Way Push-On/Off Rotary LED Dimmer 1 x 0-120W (1-10 LEDs) Classic Brushed Brass
Article code JBP401
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Screwless 2-Gang Matrix Kit For Rotary Dimmers (Twin Plate) Matrix Premium White Chrome Knob
Article code WDQD2S
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Screwless 1-Gang 1-Way Remote/Touch Control Master LED Dimmer 1 x 0-100W (1-10 LEDs) V-Pro IR Polished Chrome Chrome Button
Article code IJDCI101S
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Classic 1-Gang Matrix Kit For Rotary Dimmers Matrix Georgian Brass Brass Knob
Article code WG1
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