V-Tac LED E27 Amber 720Lm 2200K
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LED Bulb - 8W E27 Filament Amber Cover Warm White
LED Filament ST64 Squirrel Dimmable 7.5W 240V 2200K ES-E27
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Dimmable LED filament ST64 squirrel cage lamp with antique-bronze finish.
Energy saving LED extra warm white replacement lamp featuring LED filament technology.
Smart CCT ST64 Filament Bulb Smoky E27
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Smoky ES (E27) Tuneable White & Dimmable
SKU: 4L1/8015
Wattage: 6.5W
CCT Tuneable and Dimmable Filament Bulb
LED 6.5W - equivalent to 54W
Can Be Controlled via the WiZ App and Voice Controlled Smart Devices - Google, Alexa, Siri, Samsung Smart Things
Smart CCT ST64 Filament Bulb Amber E27
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Filament amber ST64 E27
Easy plug and play
Control from anywhere
Tunable warm to cool white and preset modes
Automate your light with schedules
LED ST64 Filament Antique 5W Dimmable 2200K ES-E27
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